Interesting Criminal Law cases: Breivik’s trial 


Breivik's trial

Andres Behring Breivik was stray dog terrorist who attacked Norway government twice in the 2011 year. These attacks claimed total of 77 people lives. The first attack was car bomb attack in Oslo, bomb was placed in the back of a van that was driven in front of Prime Minister’s office, explosion claimed the lives of eight people, 209 were injured and 12 of them seriously. The Second attack happened for about two hours later in one summer camp, Breivik dressed up as a police officer in a homemade uniform and showed false identification then opened fire at participants. This attack took away lives of 69 people. One of the four people in Norway knew someone who was hurt in this attacks, that means that these attacks were the biggest since the World War II in Norway.

Breivik’s trial was held in Oslo District Court from April to June 2012, this trial was watched by 170 media organizations and about 800 individual journalists. Main thing during this trial was the question of Breivik’s criminal responsibility, the question of which is more appropriate psychiatric hospital or prison.

Prosecutor read charges to Breivik, which included terrorism and premeditated murder – these charges included descriptions of each person’s death.


When he was asked to plead, he confessed committing these crimes but pleaded not guilty because he did that out of necessity. He also said that he was a member of alleged Knight’s Temple organization and that he did this out of ‘goodness’ of his hearth and that he would do it again. Prosecutor then spoke of Breivik’s life and when she showed his YouTube video he started crying.

Breivik often spoke of doing his crimes using pronoun ‘we’,  he was probably thinking about like-minded persons, persons who supported the same ideology. Greatest influence on his ideology as he said was Wikipedia.

Trial lasted for 43 days and on 24 August 2012 verdict was read;  Breivik was declared sane and sentenced to prison sentence that can be extended indefinitely. Containment- special kind of prison sentence has a time frame of 21 years which is maximum penalty in Norway. There was no appeal on the verdict. Thank you Criminal defense lawyer tucson for some of this informations  navigate to this web-site .

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Class action lawsuit 

This type of lawsuit represents situation when several individuals are representatives of large number of people and they engage themselves in lawsuit and they act on their behalf. Large number of people is often referred as a class, by which this lawsuit gained its name.


Two situations are always dominant in this type of a lawsuit

The subject of disagreement is common to all participants of the class and number of people who are affected is so large that by bringing them in the court they make bigger impact.


Types of class action lawsuit:

When a worker is discriminated by his employee regarding an age, race or gender.

When environmental catastrophe affects homeowners and business owners.

Discrimination Law_3

When a customer buys damaged product or when they were tricked by a false marketing and false business practice.

When a patients were prescribed drugs that have dangerous side effects and the producer of the drugs knew about those conditions and didn’t do anything to notify and warn them.

When a big corporations set up a price for some product and they sell it to business owner who have smaller business and individual costumers. In other words, the big companies are monopolizing the market in order to make a bigger financial profit. 

iStk-Drowning-in-Debt-3637738LargeInvestors who lost all their saved money because of an intentional concealment executed by the senior executives, for example: when they invested in buying stocks of a company on a trade market under a suspicious circumstance.

When a company records a private matters and transmission of information of their employees without their knowledge or their clearance.

One of the main goals of class action lawsuit is to deal with the damage that is made to large number of people, even those who suffered the serious injuries too, to mend the wrong committed by the large companies and corporations. Without this type of lawsuit, the individuals would have to engage in dispute separately, the costs of the lawsuits would be much bigger and the compensation for their damage much smaller. This lawsuit is still one of the small means of redness when fighting a big company. helpful site could explain you more about class action lawsuit.

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Litigation law 

This term is related to the rules and regulations which involves disagreement in the courtroom.

Litigation law


Litigation law is usually connected to lawsuits, but its area of activity is much large and it goes from divorces to all sorts of proceedings. Most people have the belief that litigation is the same as trial work, but its process begins long before the witness is due to testify in the court and many cases don’t even come to the court.

If you are not sure whether the legal matter falls under the litigation law, you should think whether the lawsuit resolve your problem. If all parties agree to resolve the problem and they are in agreement, then there is no foundation for the lawsuit and the case cannot fall under the litigation law. Most lawyers practice transactional law when the cases cannot be described as a litigation, such as: real estate property sale, business formation and etc.

In a common legal debate, the confronted parties will first discuss the subject directly with each other. After some time, when becomes clear that they cannot make an agreement both sides will seek the help of an attorney. After the attorney investigates the case he is obligated to send the other party a demand letter. The demand letter is sent to other party to indicate what he must do to avoid further legal actions, like to paying a certain amount of money.

The other party, when receiving this kind of letter has various options: it can decide to pay the requested amount of money or it can pay less, it can request its own demands or it can choose to do nothing. At this point the litigant does not have any obligation to reach the agreement. But when the lawsuit hangs over their heads, many of them decide to pay all their obligations and avoid unpleasant future circumstances.

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